Instant Classic

Outside the café, I walk trough white dust and gravel, under the hot sun of 2 p.m. Then it started. I captured lots of picture along my photographer career, but that vision was one of the stronger that ever hit me. Aqua green bodywork, white and petrol blue cushions, framed into a double chrome plating. For an instant I went back to my childhood, to the beautiful days at the sea. Its intense colour, resembling the Blue Cave, was about to hypnotize me. It floated, suspended on the dust, without being dirtied. It seemed like it came from the sky, and not along the dirty roads converging to that distant place. I started to take pictures, and continued, probably for hours and hours.
I still keep with me those pictures; now they shaped into a real form, embodying the deep essence of that past
journey, for ever.

Flyer & Honda

Sales and service

SalesA network of partners to assist you in the choice of your boat and to meet all your future requirements.






VintageWith its specific design the Vintage 660 remember the 60’s, the pleasure to cruise with elegance, to attract attention as if you were driving an old-timer car.
The new Vintage line offers an exclusive traditional and original product designed by Christian Grande. go


SportageOn the same hull, as a counterpoint to the elegant Vintage line, Sportage is a more conventional and contemporary but not less fascinating product.
A comfortable sports rib. Elegance of colors, choice of details, original design are signs of distinction of an exclusive and stylish product. go

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